Razza B feat. Nemi - "A Te" (video)

The Italian rapper's latest number milks a lush tune, proving that he's never one to skimp on the groove.

Razza B, a stalwart young gentleman, is probably Italy’s most affable rapper. To be certain, there’s indeed the air of menace that hovers around him, but beyond that there is a scruffy, genial charm that lends itself to his body of work. Razza B maintains a sleepy rasp, keeping an even pressure on the flow of rhymes that feels convivial, never aggressive.

Like a lot of Italian rappers, Razza B has a healthy respect for pop music, which is an essential element in his hip-hop. His newest full-length work, Razza Bastarda, features the requisite rhythms of urban beat, many of which are smouldering, mid-tempo grooves. On the album, the rapper stretches his range considerably and sings some; he possesses a voice of soulful temperament, one that cascades in tonal rivers like some of the more restrained R&B vocalists.

Razza Bastarda’s leading single “A Te”, featuring fellow rapper and producer Nemi, is perhaps its most accessible cut, milking a lushly sweet tune from the spare licks of a piano. Never one to skimp on grooves, Razza B also gives good sway, the propulsive beats of the song maintaining a muscular, insistent rhythm. “With this record, I didn't want to have a specific musical genre or a precise identity,” he says. “Rather, I tried to take the first steps in the rap scenes of Italy and my hometown, to make people understand that I have much to say on diverse subjects.” The track and its parent album were produced by So Far Away productions, run by Nemi who helped to helm much of Razza Bastarda in pre and post-production.

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