Reb Fountain
Photo: Marissa Findlay / Courtesy of Flying Nun Records

Reb Fountain’s Alternative Folk Mesmerizes on “Lacuna”

New Zealand indie folk artist Reb Fountain concocts a mesmerizing new song with “Lacuna”.

New Zealand indie folk artist Reb Fountain concocts a mesmerizing new song with “Lacuna”. Drone elements delivered with pounding drums and guitar patterns add drama and anticipation for where the song will venture. Those compelling verses open up on the chorus into some gloriously high vocals followed by heavier guitar and piano. “Lacuna” grows organically to the point it feels like you’ve been on a voyage over the nearly four-minute runtime. It’s a powerfully moving track that keeps drawing you deeper into Reb Fountain‘s world.

Reb says that “‘Lacuna’ is me describing what’s it like to grow into oneself, to wrestle with the intangible nature of our human condition, to see who we are. Unifying our many selves – the sum of our parts.”  

Reb Fountain‘s new album Iris will release on 1st October 2021 via Flying Nun Records. She says of the title, “Iris is in many ways an unsung hero, known as the goddess of the rainbow, sea, and sky. She acts as bridge between the gods to humanity with little of her own story known. So many stories go unheard, so many aspects of our humanity are unsung. Visibility is a contested and inequitable space where what is essential, and of beauty, is often ‘invisible’. I wanted and needed to give voice to this essential human spirit; to conjure and hold and commune with the very real, valid and invaluable voices within and around me.”

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Thursday 25th November –  Isaac Theatre – Christchurch 
Saturday 27th November – Glenroy Auditorium – Dunedin 
Friday 3rd December –  Opera House – Wellington
Saturday 11th December – The Civic –  Auckland

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