Red Moon Road - "Seasons (Feat. the Fretless)" (audio) (premiere)

The Winnipeg folk/roots trio return with a sublime new track.

Winnipeg folk-roots trio Red Moon Road returned earlier this months with their latest album Sorrows + Glories, and their new single "Seasons" is one of the record's highlights, bolstered by an appearance by string quartet the Fretless.

"The idea for 'Seasons' came about as we were on a sailboat on the border of Ontario and Manitoba in the middle of the Canadian shield," says singer Sheena Rattai. "It was at the end of the summer just moving into the autumn and the three of us and a dear friend were having a quiet moment as we observed the leaves just beginning to change their colour. Our friend remarked that she felt there is a sadness that comes with the change of season. I thought about this and felt that I had to agree. There is sort of a forlorn feeling that comes with saying goodbye to the season that came before no matter how much you are looking forward to what's to come. And as I thought about it more I felt like the same is true for life. Change is inevitable. Whether we welcome it or not, change comes often outside of our control. I think many times it means we move into something new and better, but sometimes it means we have to leave something we love very much behind. Either way what came before is always a part of us in one way or another.

"We were so fortunate to work with an incredible Canadian band on this track. We met the amazing string quartet the Fretless in a hot tub in Kansas City. We knew they were string players because they sat with their finger tips out of the water to protect their hard earned calluses. We hit it off with them right away and thought that they would really add something to this song. Trent Freeman put together the avant-garde and unique arrangement and the band then recorded with our producer in Toronto. Their artistry and musicianship really makes this piece stand out on the album. It's a little cliche to get teary-eyed to your own tune but without fail every time I hear this song I get a little verklempt."

Sorrows + Glories is available on iTunes.

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