The Regrettes + Destroy Boys: Governors Ball After Dark

Photos: Sachyn Mital

The Regrettes' show was a safe space for young punks and riot grrrls to let loose.

A few days before NYC's Governors Ball festival, Lin-Manuel Miranda announced the latest track in his 'Hamildrop' series (Hamilton related tunes outside of the musical) would feature the Los Angeles punk band, the Regrettes covering "Helpless" (sung by the Schuyler sisters in the show). This was a huge boost for the young group whose profile has been rising over the past few years (and a chance for them to see the show on Broadway). They had signed to Warner Brothers Records and released their debut album, Feel Your Feelings Fool!, last year.

Openers Destroy Boys (who hail from Northern California) started off the relatively early After Dark show around 8:30 with a rocking set. The members of Destroy Boys are in or just past high school age (like the Regrettes) and they got the nearly as young crowd primed for a wild show.

The crowd got wild, but it was a completely different vibe from the Longshot's show a couple of nights before. Youths weren't crushed or displaced by older/larger (typically male) moshers -- this was a safe space for young rockers. Regrette's frontwoman Lydia Night told the crowd that if someone was making one person feel uncomfortable, that someone would face consequences (not in those words).

The band's talents shone as they played a twelve song set that included "Red Light", "Picture Perfect', and "Lacy Loo". Check out a video of the Regrettes performing a new song ("Come Through") and photos from the June 3rd show below as well as tour dates and their rendition of "Helpless".


Jun 13 - Newport Music Hall, Columbus, OH
Jun 14 - The National, Richmond, VA
Jun 15 - Firefly Music Festival 2018, Dover International Speedway, DE
Jun 16 - The Funhouse at Mr. Small's, Millvale, PA
Jun 17 - Rams Head Live, Baltimore, MD
Jun 17 - SoundGarden, Baltimore, MD
Jun 19 - Off Broadway, St Louis, MO
Jun 20 - The Bottleneck, Lawrence, KS
Jun 22 - Dirty 30, Dallas, TX
Jun 23 - Stubb's Jr., Austin, TX
Jun 25 - The Rebel Lounge, Phoenix, AZ
Jun 28 - Constellation Room at the Observatory, Santa Ana, CA
Jun 29 - Teragram Ballroom, Los Angeles, CA
Jun 30 - Che Cafe, San Diego, CA
Aug 11 - 91X's X-Fest, San Diego, CA
Aug 26 - Reading Festival 2018, Richfield Avenue
Aug 29 - The Chapel, San Francisco, CA
Aug 30 - The Catalyst Atrium, Santa Cruz, CA
Sep 1 - Holocene, Portland, OR
Sep 2 - Bumbershoot 2018, Seattle Center, WA

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