Reigen's "How to Make Love" Isn't Your Typical Love Song (premiere)

Soulful balladeer Reigen reminds us that sometimes not knowing is a real place to start understanding.

Born in Houston, transplanted to Brooklyn, Reigen soaks his latest single in cool, synth-driven R&B that will call to mind Years & Years, Sam Smith and Troye Sivan. Throughout, his voice remains a beacon of bare emotionalism, a reminder that we can find strength in times of doubt if only we ask the right questions.

The track is offered in the form of a free download and its remarkable lyrics speak to the vexing questions of the day as the world grapples with difference of many stripes and global political instability. A love song? Yes. A typical love song? No way.

Discover more of Reigen's music on Soundcloud:

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