Replacire - "Horsestance" (audio) (premiere)

Photo: Tom Couture

Boston's Replacire returns with a bright burst of technical metal in advance of new LP.

Boston’s Replacire returns this spring with Do Not Deviate and we are happy to premiere the track "Horsestance" now. The group’s trademark blend of death, thrash, and progressive metal remain intact on this new track. It’s two minutes of technical ecstasy that provides large doses of surprise to the listener across its ever-so-brief 2:31 seconds.

"It’s my favorite song off the new record," says guitarist Eric Alper. "The writing process was painless on this one. It flowed out naturally and hits hard." Ever aware of the respect the group has earned among more technically-minded music fans, Alper provides a few insights on that end. "It's a flurry of down picking slams, bouncy riffs, unique cleans, and visceral moments. Combining influence from multiple extreme bands, it's a gross amalgamation of old Metallica's unrelenting picking style with the chromatic and unexpected note choice of Cannibal Corpse."

If the crossing of those streams at first seems an unlikely (and yet brilliant) choice, the piece’s seamlessness is the ultimate decider. And its brevity, Alper adds, may be one of the keys to its magic. "It's one of the shortest songs we've ever written and in my mind represents the overall energy of the record. It's manic but deliberate, leaving something to be discovered with each listen. It features non-repeating parts but isn't linear, something we strive for throughout the album."

Joining "Horsestance" on the new LP are pieces such as "Built Upon the Grave of He Who Bends", "Moonbred Chains" and the title track. These are songs that will leave an indelible mark on the ears of listeners from end to end.

Do Not Deviate releases 17 March 2017 via Season of Mist and may be preordered now.


01. Horsestance

02. Act, Re-enact

03. Built Upon the Grave of He Who Bends

04. Any Promise

05. Cold Repeater

06. Reprise

07. Moonbred Chains

08. Do Not Deviate

09. Spider Song

10. Traveling Through Abyss

11. Enough for One

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