Photo: Cale Glendening

Reuben Bidez Gets Back to the ’70s With “Don’t Let Me Die” (premiere)

Soulful Americana from Reuben Bidez's sophomore release travels the distance between Roy Orbison and Jeff Buckley.

“Don’t Let Me Die” is the new video from soulful Americana artist Reuben Bidez. Culled from his new EP, Something to Say, “Don’t Let Me Die” finds Bidez’s voice soaring above and between warm keyboard lines and subtle drum patterns that recall the best of smart, sophisticated late 1970s sounds from the likes of Boz Scaggs and Steely Dan with a twist of Jeff Buckley and Roy Orbison added for good measure.

Bidez lands more on the sweet than the sardonic side of things, and that’s ultimately what carries this track across the victory line. Speaking about the clip, Bidez said, “I approached filmmaker Joshua Shoemaker with the concept of filming a 1970s era house party which took the viewer on a tour of different scenes happening in each room. He loved the idea and ran with it. I also wanted my friends to be involved, and for it to be an amazing time, so I just threw a party at my house, and we filmed it.”