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Rhye's 'Home' Is Ambitious in Approach

Home is an ambitious effort and contains some of the most exciting music released by Rhye.

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On Jean-Luc Godard's Game of Despair, 'Pierrot le fou'

Pierrot le fou is filled with cars, guns, cash, and books, but Godard is more interested in what exists between these "definite things", namely the thoughts inhabiting empty space.


Sleaford Mods' 'Spare Ribs' Offers a Rich and Welcome Catharsis

Sleaford Mods' 11th studio album runs a glorious gamut from righteous anger to poignant introspection in a masterpiece of incisive cultural commentary and fully realized artistic vision.


Visual Culture's Power Over You

Visual culture is not just ubiquitous, it's also a potent force.


The Bug and Dis Fig Soundtrack Lockdown with 'In Blue'

On In Blue, the Bug and Dis Fig have created music to dance to while being sucked into a black hole. It only seems fitting that LP cover shoes a grainy, black and white photo of a tunnel.


Eric Revis Grooves on 'Slipknots Through a Looking Glass'

Bassist and composer Eric Revis puts together two of his bands to create his most varied and dense recording of impeccable, grooving music.


Bicep Flex New Talents on Sophomore Release 'Isles'

Bicep's sophomore release Isles is much more grown-up and conflicted. However, this is not to the detriment of their characteristic eclectic abandon.


Pom Poko Unleash Another Joyously Unhinged Album with 'Cheater'

The sophomore release from Norwegian art-punk quartet Pom Poko is full of the same kind of sweet, distorted pleasures that made their first album so much fun.


Folkie Peter Stampfel Surveys the 20th Century in His Unique Style

Peter Stampfel's 100-song collection features well-known tunes and obscure ditties. The songs range from the serious to the goofy, all performed in his inimitable absurd style.


Ashnikko's Debut 'Demidevil' Attempts to Birth a Pop Star From the Endless Feed

Demidevil is poised to keep Ashnikko relentlessly populating the feed in 2021 with some impressively strong new bangers. But it'll be crucial for her to remember the difference between Nicki Minaj and the iLOVEFRiDAYs of the world.


BTS Master the Art of Timeless, Universal Songwriting with 'BE'

BE is the album in which BTS's sound crosses over to cement the type of legacy they're building – one that started in youth and is very proudly Korean, but that makes sense for any age or place.


Landing Instructions for Derrida

In his book, An Event, Perhaps, Derrida's intellectual development is adroitly unpacked by Peter Salmon without bamboozling the reader or peddling dime-store psychologizing.


On Finnish Film 'Open Up to Me' and Trans Portrayal in Film

Viewers might temper a recognition of Finnish film Open Up to Me's strong points with an awareness of the complexity of trans portrayal in film.


Nicki and Patrick Adams Offer an Engaging Classical/Jazz Hybrid on 'Lynx'

Eclectic siblings Nicki and Patrick Adams draw from a wealth of musical genres and training to produce an album of depth and beauty.


LOG ET3RNAL Is a Dubbed-out Beauty of Soft, Skeletal Ambience

Ulla and Perila, two experimental producers on the vanguard of modern ambient, take their talent to new heights on LOG ET3RNAL, their first collaborative LP under the LOG moniker.


Elvis Costello Gets Dark and Brooding on 'Hey Clockface'

Elvis Costello is a complex man of dark humor and flashes of anger as he keeps fighting the good fight armed with a razor wit.


Shanghai Restoration Project Offer Innovative Alternate Reality on 'Brave New World Symphony'

Imagination has always been the Shanghai Restoration Project's beating heart, and it has perhaps never been more timely than on Brave New World Symphony.

Music Reviews

Maxwell Stern Gives Us a Warm Car in Frigid Winter with 'Impossible Sum'

Maxwell Stern's debut record, The Impossible Sum, is a relaxed, honest, deeply felt exploration of what it means to be a feeling, caring human in our time of incessant gaslighting and doom scrolling.


Susan Alcorn's 'Pedernal' Is a Chamber Jazz/Americana Blend

Baltimore's wizard of the pedal steel guitar, Susan Alcorn, offers a creative blend of Americana, jazz, and ethereal improvisation on Pedernal.


Barry Gibb Re-Visits Bee Gees Classics with Superproducer Dave Cobb

Barry Gibb went to Nashville to make a country record of Bee Gees classics with Americana producer Dave Cobb. The result is Greenfields: The Gibb Brothers Songbook, Vol. 1.


J Mascis Welcomes You to Three Nights of Exquisite Songcraft and Pure Fun

Fed Up and Feeling Strange: Live and in Person (1993-1998) shows the Dinosaur Jr maestro doesn't need a wall of amplifiers to make an impact.

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