Riley Etheridge Jr. - "Hush" (audio) (premiere)

“Hush” is the sound of reconciliation, an acceptance that things are how they are for a reason.

Riley Etheridge Jr.'s “Hush” is the sound of reconciliation, an acceptance that things are how they are for a reason. Its mellow lyrics are accentuated by its simple, gorgeous backing, acoustic strumming that occasionally makes way for starry electric guitar. It’s a gorgeous song, a strong case for the potency of minimal arrangements. It doesn’t have many moving parts, but its parts fill the room properly, leaving the perfect amount of space. In other words, it’s a full piece of music — and that fullness leads to incredible things.

“‘Hush’ is a meditation on accepting that secrets and words unspoken help define who we are as individuals,” says Etheridge. “On hearing the demo, my daughter told me that it could be a lullaby, which was the quality I hoped for.”

Secrets, Hope & Waiting comes out September 9 on Rock Ridge Music.

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