RJ Comer Experiences Heartbreak in a "House Grown Cold" (premiere)

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Americana artist RJ Comer's latest single is a harrowing, blues-drenched song of heartache with a beguiling music video to match.

RJ Comer's story is a reminder that, no matter how hard it gets, sometimes you just need to keep chugging. The Americana artist thought his music career was over for three decades ago when he dropped out of music school. Thirty years and one weekend spent in a Mississippi jail later, Comer is back on track with the art that makes him alongside a full band. Now, they're prepping up to release a debut album, One Last Kiss, on 15 June.

Given the culmination of Comer's expertise paired with his backstory, one might not be surprised to hear that the roots music veteran's new single is beguiling as it weaves its tale of heartache. Riding the line between traditional blues and a contemporary Americana vision, the sparse acoustic arrangement of "House Grown Cold" is just haunting enough to naturally lend itself to Comer's stouthearted croon. Although he's been blissfully married for over two decades, Comer dug deep to sell this song's story, inspired by a snowy day out in the Tennessee woods.

Comer tells PopMatters, "I'm not a guy who likes to appear vulnerable or hurt, but those are the genuine emotions of this song and we had to show them on-screen."

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