Photo: Courtesy of Sonnetmusic

RJ Thompson Celebrates Relationships That Endure on “Kids” (premiere)

British singer-songwriter RJ Thompson's latest single "Kids" is a vibrant slice of 1980s inspired alt-pop.

Not all relationships survive the rocky transition from adolescence to adulthood. Whether it’s friends or lovers, at some point, divergent paths open up leading in very different directions. However, just sometimes, there are those special bonds that time cannot break. The new single from British singer-songwriter, RJ Thompson celebrates those personal connections that endure.

Over the last six months, Thompson has been crafting the follow up to his excellent 2017 album Echo Chamber. The first fruit of this artistic journey is the first single “Kids” – a vibrant slice of 1980s inspired alternative pop. The song quickly clicks into a summary groove with twitchy guitars layered over gliding sax notes. As it settles into the clipped piano-led verse, Thompson articulates the very personal story of the one person who has been a constant since he was young, as he explains.

“This was one of the first tracks that came out of my first writing session. It follows the story of my relationship with my wife; we’ve been together since we were kids. We’ve been through literally everything that life throws at us together. But we still feel like two kids.”

As the song bounds to a gleaming, alt-pop chorus, you can’t help but be swept up by the clear, overwhelming affection he has for his wife. “Kids” is a soaring, life-affirming testament to the fact that some relationships are just built to last.