Photo: Courtesy of CodeName PR

RJ Thompson Soars on the Alt-pop of “So Right” (premiere)

British indie-popper RJ Thompson examines his self-doubt and insecurities on the new bubbling single, "So Right".

It’s highly likely that the majority of people reading this have, at some time or another, considered their happiness and sense of self-worth in relation to the soft-focus selfies of others online. At times, social media feels like it is designed to overwhelm us with unobtainable illustrations of success, happiness, and fulfillment, and this idea provides the starting point for British singer-songwriter RJ Thompson‘s follow up to his previous single “Kids”.

While “Kids” was a soaring, life-affirming testament to the enduring power of his relationship with his wife, “So Right” is a little more introspective as he analyses his self-doubts and insecurities. Sonically, it shares the vibrant ’80s synthpop template with warm piano notes over a looping drum machine beat and textured stabs of distorted guitar. On the face of it, it’s an uplifting slice of alt-pop; however, just like those posed, fake pictures on Instagram, scratch the surface and the veneer soon chips away.

Lyrically, Thompson addresses how social media can amplify our everyday angst and blunt our capacity for pleasure. The pleasure that exists any and everywhere as a child. For Thompson, to be a child is to be aroused by the simple wonders of being. To be excited by the constant novelty of discovery that sadly fades as we grow older, lost to the cynicism of adulthood. “So Right” is another intelligently crafted celebration of the simple pleasures in life while warning against the dangers of getting lost in the lives of others.