RMXKNZ Celebrate the Art of Personal Expression on "Canvas" (premiere)

Photo: J.A. Moreno / Milestone Publicity

Salvador Santana and Asdru Sierra's video for the new RMXKNZ single "Canvas" is a vibrant celebration of personal expression that sets the spotlight on inclusivity.

Crafted from the real-life stories that define Los Angeles, RMXKNZ is the product of Salvador Santana and Asdrubal "Asdru" Sierra. It's a new path forward for the two renowned musicians and producers. Having already made an impact with their work as soloists and in other projects—such as Sierra's band Ozomatli and Santana's growing list of collaborations with artists like Juanes and GZA—RMXKNZ comes as the result of a creative bond that has been over two decades in the making. Their aim with RMXKNZ is to present the unfiltered truth of Los Angeles to the eyes and ears of their listener, curating socially conscious, eclectic music that speaks to the sensibility of their multicultural hometown.

Straightaway, RMXKNZ's "Canvas" builds into a clap-along groove that throws back to golden age West Coast hip-hop and jazz-hop alike, capitalized upon by a funk-filled horn section. Its lyrics paint the city of Los Angeles in an unfettered, creative light, shining upon artful expression and a vision of true equality at once. In the video, Santana and Sierra ride through Latinx neighborhoods in East and downtown LA. Along the way, they showcase messaging on women's and abortion rights, LGBTQ+ rights, immigrant rights, gender inclusivity, and more throughout the vibrant video.

"'Canvas' is about allowing a space to create a life and a world we want to build and live in together," says Sierra.

Santana adds, "'Canvas' is about a movement for the people to influence and encourage everyone to celebrate their individuality and personal expression with conviction and with joy."

"Canvas" is the lead single from off of RMXKNZ's debut full-length, self-titled album, due out on Friday, 20 September during Hispanic Heritage Month.

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