Robin Finck and Worldclock - "TCAS" (audio) (premiere)

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The Nine Inch Nails guitarist collaborates on a survival game score that evokes both his band and the work of John Carpenter.

Best known for his work with Nine Inch Nails, Robin Finck explores many more artistic media than just rock guitar. One of his latest ventures has been creating the soundtrack for the upcoming game NOCT alongside musician Pedro "Worldclock" Pimentel. Being the soundtrack to a dystopian survival horror game, you bet it's going to sound ominous, and as the track "TCAS", the duo have come through in a big way. Think an industrial-tinged John Carpenter.

"This was a track that turned substantially from it’s cacophonous acoustic emergence, to a two pointed stabbing bolt," Finck tells PopMatters. "It is disparate to the body in that it has a well established tempo, albeit sans percussion. It sorta serves as closed corridor between open spaces. It steps from damned heaving crawl, to hastening blind stride."

The NOCT soundtrack will be released 22 October on Laced Records, on the same day as the game.

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