The Rocket Summer Stay the Course with "Blankets" (premiere)

Photo: Braverijah Gregg / Courtesy of Big Hassle

Bryce Avary keeps the Rocket Summer's momentum going strong with a new album releasing in August and a new music video for "Blankets".

Since 1999, Bryce Avary has been writing, producing, and playing every instrument on each of his songs developed under his solo project's moniker, the Rocket Summer. Now Avary is set to release new music as the Rocket Summer with the release of a new LP, Sweet Shivers, on 2 August via Aviate. The Rocket Summer is previewing the forthcoming album with several singles, "Blankets" being the most recent of them.

Defined by a driving beat and the lilting stride of Avary's vocals against melodic hooks, the song is another infectious installment in his expansive catalog. Keen direction from Dillon Slack and Ben Busch makes a simple set into a playground for actors Brianna Brill and Nick Morbitt, who traverse through actual blankets to find one another in the video. At its center is a story of coming to terms with some of life's more chaotic moments and finding what silver linings we can.

The Rocket Summer is set to tour throughout September and October 2019. A list of dates is available via his official website.

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