Roo Panes Examines Nostalgia's Depth in "Thinking of Japan" (premiere)

Photo via Top Button Digital

Through the dreamlike serenity of "Thinking of Japan", British indie folk artist Roo Panes communicates the idea of holding "nostalgia for a place you've never been because it reminds you of someone else".

Following up on the layers of crystalline harmonies that envelop fellow recent single release, "Commentator", Roo Panes casts an ethereal sun overhead throughout the dreamy "Thinking of Japan". It's a natural expansion upon his folksy roots, although its shimmering, diaphanous chorus spins with gossamer deviance more akin to the experimental. As has been par for the course with the singles that Panes has been dropping on the road to the deluxe release of his latest album, Quiet Man, on 10 May, the tune is inundated with suave guitar work. In this case, it paves the way for celestial melodies that offer ample space for Panes to impress vocally, his lilting falsetto falling gracefully across that haunting chorus like raindrops against a still body of water.

On the tune, Panes says, "'Thinking of Japan' is about a simple little photo and the idea that you can hold nostalgia for a place you've never been because it reminds you of someone else. I like the idea that something as small as a photo can be a window into stories and worlds and moments."



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