Photo: Lindsay Duncan / Courtesy of Sacks & Co.

Rose Cousins’ “The Return (Love Comes Back)” Is a Gentle Reminder of Human Spirit (premiere)

Folk-pop artist Rose Cousins communicates the importance of generosity and kindness in her new single, "The Return (Love Comes Back)".

Rose Cousins’ greatest strength has always been her innate ability to tell a moving story through music. Revered for the heartful knowing with which she interprets her songs, the folk-pop artist has put her artistic abilities to work like never before throughout the development of her upcoming album, Bravado. Set for release on 21 February via Outside, Bravado was produced by Cousins, each song acting as an emotive vignette that organically depicts facets of the human condition and the ebb and flow of it all.

Directed by Jenna MacMillan, the music video for Cousins’ latest single, “The Return (Loves Come Back)” is a gentle reminder of the human spirit. Delicately capturing the heartening feeling of receiving many returns of love and appreciation, it’s an inspiring number from Cousins that sweetly communicates the importance of generosity.

Cousins tells PopMatters, “The human ability to give care and tenderness while experiencing everyday struggle is tremendous. We witness the greatness in each other, for each other, as we find it hard, even sometimes impossible, to experience it in ourselves. ‘The Return (Love Comes Back)’ reminds us that we are simply that—human—with and without superpowers. That in giving, we see it return to us.”