Roxanna Rawson's "Black Eyed Soup" is an Anti-Folk Breakup Celebration (premiere)

Bay Area anti-folk artist Roxanna Rawson brings us an upbeat and captivating song about revolting soup and revolting relationships.

Roxanna Rawson's delicate but feisty vocal delivery will quickly bring to mind mainstay acts like Regina Spektor or Joanna Newsom. However, the Bay Area anti-folk artist truly brings a flavor to her music that's all her own. For starters, she might have just released the most upbeat song about revolting food and relationships that 2018 can muster.

On "Black Eyed Soup", Rawson tells PopMatters: "I wrote this song as I was thinking of two things. One was a disgusting bowl of soup I ate in China - it had eyes floating in it. The other was the end of a bad relationship and malignant love of it. I visualized the soup like I was looking at the entrails of the dead relationship and how distorted things had become. The song was my way of celebrating my discernment that the love wasn't right."

The song itself is instantly captivating, with a deceptively sweet snap-along beat to set the tone. The broad range of Rawson's influences — from her time studying classical compositions, to jazz intervals, and partaking in an African choir, for starters — are seen here as well, and they paint an ebullient picture that compels the senses. Her sheer knowledge of musical craft shines brightly here and is breathtaking. She maintains incredible vocal finesse, especially, to navigate this intricate arrangement with such a fine blend of poise and passion.

Rawson's debut full-length album, Quenching the Kill, is due out this year.

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