Swedish Rock 'n' Rollers, Royal Republic Return with "Anna-Leigh" (premiere)

Photo courtesy of Leo Akesson

With "Anna-Leigh", Sweden's Royal Republic have created kind of neon-suited, '80s pop-rock inspired, party starter that's only desire is to please the eardrums.

Swedish rock 'n' rollers, Royal Republic return with the first taste of their forthcoming Club Majesty album. It takes their rock 'n' roll meets new wave pop sound, dresses it in the wardrobe from a Duran Duran video and throws it into an unsuspecting mosh pit.

The band's latest offering, "Anna-Leigh" is a tongue in cheek joy that takes in everything from AC/DC to Hall and Oates via Journey. Flaunting a riff as big and wide as guitarist Hannes Irengard's shoulder pads the song races to a chorus that's as lustrous as frontman, Adam Grahn's, frankly astounding, mustache.

Anna-Leigh" is the kind of neon-suited, 1980s pop-rock inspired, party starter that's only desire is to please the eardrums. It doesn't care what you think; it just wants you to move. It's the perfect guilty pleasure for those who don't believe in guilty pleasures.

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