Rozzi Releases a Scorching Live Take of Her New Single, "Never Over You" (premiere)

Photo courtesy of artist

Ex-Adam Levine protégée Rozzi commands a stunning live performance of her rising new single "Never Over You".

Rozzi's story is a firm reminder to embrace your vision and run with it. Told from a young age that her dreams were too towering to pursue seriously, she didn't give up on her hopes to become fully enveloped in the world of a rising singer-songwriter. Fast forward to 2012 and the artist, at just 19 years old, was being signed and mentored by Adam Levine. That was all before collaborating with Kendrick Lamar and being featured on the Hunger Games soundtrack. With all of that said, now going just by Rozzi, the indie pop singer is celebrating a new step forward in her artistic development. With her upcoming LP on Small Giant/Columbia, she is finally able to fully express her prowess as a songwriter alongside her powerful voice.

"Never Over You" will be one such song appearing on the forthcoming album, set to be released sometime later this year. When its studio version dropped earlier this month, it was met by raucous acclaim by the San Francisco singer's burgeoning fanbase for a good reason. It's more of a sonically upbeat number than her searing "Uphill Battle", but it touches on the same mixture of pop sensibilities, a universally relatable theme, and scorching authenticity.

Today, Rozzi is partnering with PopMatters to premiere a live performance of the song. Viewers will get the chance to hear Rozzi's captivating voice laid over shimmering instrumentation, but to see how she and her band get to work and press forward with a stunning live take. It should be noted that the music she has released from her upcoming album, including "Never Over You", are entirely self-written — something you don't see every day in the pop landscape.

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