Ruby Rose Fox Raises Voice With "American Daddy" (premiere)

Jedd Beaudoin
Photo courtesy of Far Digital

Boston vocalist and former stage actress Ruby Rose Fox delivers her first single "American Daddy" from new LP, Salt.

"American Daddy" is the first single from Boston-based Ruby Rose Fox's upcoming album, Salt. Due June 22, the record follows her critically acclaimed debut, Domestic. The vocalist says that Salt is in part a response to the current political climate in the United States as well as to an increasingly overly perfected musical landscape, in which things have come to sound distant, digitized. Fox opted to use ASMR binaural microphones for the recording, intended to reach listeners on a deeply emotional level. "I wanted it to feel like it was shaking inside your body", Fox notes. "That is personal and real. I think if we felt music more in our actual bodies we would be better citizens and probably better lovers".

A former theatre actress, Fox frequently approaches her vocal performances as though they're dramatic scenes, as evidenced by the powerhouse heft heard on "American Daddy". "That song came from watching the political nightmare unfold in 2017 and struggling with my relationship to patriarchy and its constant disappointments", she notes. "That said, I think this song is about continuing a hopeful climb."

One can certainly hear Fox's commitment and emotions in the track, something that carries over into other material from Salt. Fox will celebrate the release of the album on June 22 with a gig at the Oberon in Boston.

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