Photo courtesy of Dark Secret Media

Electropop’s Ruby the Rabbitfoot Serves Up a “Raw Plate of Expectations” (premiere)

Electropop's Ruby the Rabbitfoot delves even deeper into R&B on her latest tune "Raw Plate of Expectations", creating an infectious bit of electrosoul.

Electropop artist Ruby the Rabbitfoot has left a trail of intriguing singles in her wake from her 2016 album Divorce Party. “Nicola La” celebrated the joys of being a girl and being playful, and it was an infectious synthpop number. Other tracks like “Beach Flowers” highlighted a more R&B-oriented pop approach. Now Ruby the Rabbitfoot is back with new music and she’s getting even dancier in her new music.

“Raw Plate of Expectations” begins minimally with mellow electronics as her voice enters and gently nudges the song forward into a funky soul-pop chorus. Meanwhile, the video is bright and light and serves to transform the tune into a bit of space funk. Catchy as hell, Ruby the Rabbitfoot’s “Raw Plate of Expectations” bodes well for the rest of her upcoming work and suggests electrosoul may well be her future.

Video directors Reed and Rader say, “We had a lot of fun working with Ruby for the ‘Raw Plate of Expectations’ music video. Being inspired by the song and lyrics, we wanted Ruby to literally ‘serve it up’, being Mother of her planet who grows and harvests a jam like substance that brings her ‘children’ back to life. Working with Ruby, we plotted out a storyline where we witness her harvesting in a space world and bringing life back to these creatures organically. Making this was a project filled with support and no rules. Ruby let us run wild, and that’s what we did.”