Ruler - "Easy Life" (video) (premiere)

Photo: Lauren Max

Matt Batey's latest project, Ruler, is all about keeping it real, as his latest music video can attest.

If the name Matt Batey rings a bell, you probably know him for his consummate work behind harmonies, guitar, and lap-steel playing alongside the likes of Rocky Votolato or Cataldo. Nowadays, he's pushing forward with his own project, going by the name of Ruler.

With Ruler, Batey is still making strides in the realm of indie rock. With his idiosyncratic vocal delivery at the forefront, perched beside the catchy ebb-and-flow of his musical arrangements, the tunes he's churning out under the moniker are decidedly fresh and exciting.

The music video accompanying his single, "Easy Life", is similarly refreshing. It may be scripted, but it gives us a candid look into what a day in the life of an artist could well be like. Without giving much away, that "Easy Life" may not be so easy all of the time. At the very least, Batey gets it together and makes it to band practice in a timely fashion despite some interference, and everything goes hunky-dory for the rising rock star from there.

Ruler has signed to Barsuk Records. Find out about his upcoming music here.

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