Photo: Natasha Wilson / Nettwerk Music Group

Run River North Debut Video for Their Sunny New Single “Wake Up” (premiere)

Los Angeles pop-rock trio Run River North bring the charm in their fun-loving new video for their latest single, "Wake Up".

When Run River North first began making music in 2011, it was with a folksy bent. Five years later, they have left their familiar roots leanings behind to try something new on for size. Shifting seamlessly into the soaring melodies and pristine production of modern pop-rock, the band has since blown up, renowned for their revitalized sound. Since, they’ve continued to evolve, with their latest lineup of Run River North whittling down to a trio comprised of lead vocalist and guitarist Alex Hwang, vocalist and guitarist Daniel Chae, and vocalist and keyboardist Sally Kang.

“Wake Up” is the next step in Run River North’s ongoing evolution. The charming road song is the trio’s latest single from their upcoming album, Monsters Coming Home, Vol. 2, set for release later this year. Directed by Shawheen Keyani, the vintage delights that the single’s music video emanates captures its light essence perfectly. If that were not enough, Run River North give their audience ample opportunity to bask in the delights of the absurdist humor of the video’s plot. It also features plenty of pineapple along the way. “Wake Up” exhibits positivity for the band with their movement as a conscious pop collective continuing to rise.

Regarding their upcoming EP, Alex Hwang says, “Monsters Calling Home, Vol.2 is the natural progression from volume one⁠—to wake up and dance because you are amazing. Despite any monsters of doubt, let the monsters inside call home and call loudly.”

“Wake Up” can be purchased or streamed now.