Rupert Stroud Gets Personal with 'Along the Low' (album stream) (premiere)

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Yorkshire folk-rocker Rupert Stroud's foremost intent on new album, Along the Low, was to explore a spectrum of emotions often related to his personal struggles.

"I recently heard somewhere that writing the lyrics which scare you the most are the ones that mean the most," says Rupert Stroud regarding the development of his new album, Along the Low. Since the release of his debut album in 2009, the Yorkshire songwriter has honed further in on a blend of indie rock and folk elements that feel distinctive. Stroud's latest LP is due out 19 July, and "Spirit" sees him leaning into a transcendental rhythm with his gritty soul.

"My spectrum of emotions and experiences are inherent in these songs—from the universal feelings of love and loss to personal struggles and the struggles of those close to me. This latest album is born from my home studio, in a converted water tower which sits elevated above the banks of the Wharfe River in the Yorkshire Dales. Any time of day or night, I can step into my studio with an idea and work on it straight away. I have a beautiful view of the river flowing by and the stunning landscape—it's creatively liberating and incredibly inspiring."

Elsewhere, Stroud further explores his roots as a well-established artist with both feet firmly pressed between folk and rock sentiments. Instead of moving astray from that archetypal soundscape, he shifts sideways through new components of the same respective scenes. Inspired by everything from the classic rock albums in his parents collection to Britpop anthems and folk monologues, he's investing further into what works and offering listeners a deeper, grander exploration of what made Chasing the Night a considerable release. Together with producer Will Jackson (Kaiser Chiefs, Embrace), they're fastening the wheel with new, creatively liberating facets that still offer themselves to a greater function.

Lyrically, Stroud makes good on his intent to make Along the Low a more personal album, and he conveys the stories of his personal highs and lows impeccably well with his whiskey-warm vocals. Its titular album opener and lead single may share the most obvious stake in this claim, wherein Stroud delivers the tale of an ebb and flow akin to his life as an artist.

On the single, Stroud states, "The song has a very uplifting, summery, anthemic vibe to it, but the truth is when I wrote the song I was feeling very low. The lyrics were inspired by long journeys and late nights to and from home on the road, in all weather conditions. By the time I recorded the song my mood had lifted, but the meaning of the song still remained. It's a song about perseverance and positivity in striving for success and achieving your goals. Ultimately, doing what you want to do with your life - regardless of the ups and downs—following your passion and never giving up. The life of a troubadour."

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