Photo: Michelle Varela

With “New England Song”, Ryan Martin Returns with a Tale of Self-Realization (premiere)

Americana's Ryan Martin describes his latest single as "a song about reclaiming yourself from the pain and confusion of our burdens".

Following up on last June’s Gimme Some Light, New York singer-songwriter Ryan Martin is releasing a new studio cut in the form of “New England Song”. Originally an outtake from Gimme Some Light’s recording sessions, the song has since begun to stand on its own two legs as a respectable, reflective offering of Americana. As always, Martin excels in interpreting the stories that he has to tell in such a way that the liberating ruminations he depicts beautifully evoke themselves to his listeners. “New England Song” is another opportunity for him to sell his picturesque, everyman-centric songwriting, and he does so seemingly without effort.

On “New England Song”, Martin tells PopMatters, “This is a song about reclaiming yourself from the pain and confusion of our burdens. An account of the moment of clarity when you wake up in a strange and beautiful place to realize you’ve lost your direction and let the demons take the reigns. About a longing to build something from your life and find a purpose, maybe one you never knew you had within you. It’s a farewell song to waywardness.”


6/24 NYC – Sofar Sounds

6/27 Kington, NY – Green Kills

7/22 Long Beach, CA – Sofar Sounds

7/24 Los Angeles, CA – Prickly Pear Presents Americana Night @ Highland Park Bowl

7/25 San Francisco, CA – Honey Hive Gallery

7/26 Petaluma, CA – The Block Petaluma – Food Park & Beer Garden

7/27 Chico, CA – Naked Lounge

7/28 Eugene, OR – Old Nicks Bar

7/31 Seattle, WA – Tim’s Tavern

8/1 Portland, OR – Sofar Sounds

8/2 Portland, OR – Buffalo Gap

8/4 Boise, ID – Edge Brewing Co

8/6 Evergreen, CO – Little Bear

8/7 Denver, CO – Walnut Room

8/8 Colorado Springs, CO – Gold Room Live

8/9 Boulder, CO – FMQB Convention

8/10 Kansas City, MO – Riot Room

8/11 Minneapolis, MN – Acadia

8/13 Chicago, IL – Tonic Room

8/14 Nashville, TN – The Music Room

8/15 Knoxville, TN – Blue Plate Special Radio Show (AM)

8/17 Raleigh, NC – Sofar Soundscleardot