Sabbath Assembly Delivers Mysterious, Beautiful New Track, "A Welcome Below" (premiere)

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Sabbath Assembly's "A Welcome Below" is a gorgeous and cathartic exploration into the journey of self-discovery and leaving behind that which oppresses us.

Sabbath Assembly's "A Welcome Below" sees the band departing slightly from its usual lyrical matter of religious tyranny and the like for a more personal issue. The track appears on the group's upcoming release, A Letter of Red, due 26 April via Svart Records.

This time out, Sabbath Assembly deals with a parent struggling with their child's addiction and inner demons. The song has its roots in the real and personal within the band as drummer David Nuss' daughter, Marika Thunder, struggled with both meth and heroin. The band says that the song becomes "a window into her journey from isolation and confusion into connection and passion".

Thunder's journey into recovery involves psychedelic treatments (only available outside the United States), which brought about a rapid change in her being and relationship with drugs. Today, she attends college and works with young children. In the end, the song is an appropriately dark and beautiful journey and a powerful reminder of heavy music's ability to stir catharsis and healing in us all. Moreover, Sabbath Assembly has proven that artistic risks such as this are incredibly important, especially when they provide inspiration and provoke reflection.

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