Saltland - "Light of Mercy" (video) (premiere)

Saltland releases the stunning "Light of Mercy" video to highlight climate change.

Recently Saltland, a.k.a. Rebecca Foon, released her latest album A Common Truth, which we praised and rated an eight. Andrew Paschal wrote, "Rebecca Foon has managed to take what could have been a narrow exercise in chamber music and crafted something with real emotional depth and scope. She takes cues from sources as diverse as drone and freak folk while hewing devotedly to her core instrument."

Besides containing stunning music, A Common Truth focuses on the climate change and its impact across the globe. In her latest video, "Light of Mercy", directed by Brigitte Henry, the imagery depicts a being landscape covered in snow before turning to ash and fire. Like the music, it artfully underpins Foon's key theme of climate change.

All this week, Saltland will be donating her Bandcamp sales to in celebration of Earth Day and the upcoming Climate March.

Face: A Visual Odyssey (By the Book)

By turns alarming and awe-inspiring, Jessica Helfand's Face: A Visual Odyssey offers an elaborately illustrated A to Z—from the didactic anthropometry of the late 19th century to the selfie-obsessed zeitgeist of the 21st. Enjoy this excerpt of Face, courtesy of MIT Press.

Jessica Helfand
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