Sam Densmore Sounds the Carpe Diem Horn With "Damn the Consequences" (premiere)

Photo courtesy of HIP Video Promo

Portland folk artist Sam Densmore circles back to contemporary pop sounds on "Damn the Consequences" after some time in the valley of the lo-fi.

Sam Densmore's "Damn the Consequences", taken from his upcoming EP, Black Velvet Unicorn, is a decidedly confident and positive pop song. Absent of the frets and worries of contemporary times, the song celebrates the delicate nature of life, no matter the moment, no matter the era. Why not celebrate? Though such notions can seem trite, over-simplified, in Densmore's capable hands the carpe diem cry has never seemed more appropriate. And, yes, damning the consequences may have its price but why not try anyway?

The new video from the Portland, Oregon resident, was directed by Colin Robson. Speaking about the song, Densmore said, "Until 2012, I'd always been in rock bands. Now, after years of making mostly self-recorded, deliberately retro/lo-fi, acoustic based songwriter records, 'Damn the Consequences' is a departure, but also a full circle step back into the modern world for me. There's nothing more satisfying than rocking out with a great band! I wanted to make a video that's inclusive, encourages people to get involved, sing along, and own the song for themselves. Both the song and video are a bit of introverted self-examination, sublimated into extroverted escapism in these trying times."

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