Sam Himself Proves You Can Be Somebody Even If No One Knows Your Name (premiere)

Swiss transplant channels personal into rocking, soulful new tune, "Nobody".

New York City-based soul and bluesman Sam Himself releases his second EP soon, following his acclaimed 2017 debut, Songs in D. The hook-laden single “Nobody” from the upcoming release closes the distance between Bruce Springsteen and Deerhunter, Deerhunter and Kurt Vile. The Swiss transplant lends some of his own experience to the lyrics. “The best and worst part about moving to New York City is realizing that nobody has been waiting for your there,” he says. “It’s plenty big without you, and unless you come up with a pretty good reason, the city just doesn’t care. ‘Nobody’ is about that crushing, eye-opening and ultimately liberating experience.”

And an anthemic, soul-liberating one at that.