Sam Lewis Brings Us Together Through "Loversity (premiere)

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Americana artist Sam Lewis celebrates the differences that bring us together with his gospel-tinged new single "Loversity".

I was driving to play a show in Richmond when I saw a rainbow building just off the interstate," says Sam Lewis. "The building had a word on it, but all I could see was - SITY. I immediately said 'loversity', even though the sign said 'diversity'. My friend and I Googled it, and it wasn't a real word, but I thought, well, I like that word."

The Nashville artist has toured the country multiple times over with the likes of celebrated icons, such as Los Lobos and Chris Stapleton. Better yet, you might recognize his warm molasses vocal strut from his collaborations with the likes of Kacey Musgraves and John Prine or the Wood Brothers. Needless to say, Sam Lewis has been putting in his dues and becoming more of a household name in the process for it. Riding the line between multiple genre-based influences and invoking ladles full of heartfelt soul at a time into his work, Lewis is such a promising prospect in the Americana world that Stapleton has even gone on the record to vouch for him as "a modern Townes Van Zandt".

Whether he writes with the same metrical finesse as the legendary songwriter is up for debate — after all, art is objective. What Lewis is for certain, however, is a much-needed helping of soul food for the heart in these divisive times. His straightforward lyrical flow moves forward with a certainty that listeners will be brought from point A to B without much intervention in-between, but what he has to say is as needed as it is inevitable. The evident nature of "Loversity" is a warm embrace aiming to unify a world whose people are more times at odds with one another than they aren't. It's upbeat, horn-powered Southern gospel, and it's also the titular track from off of Lewis' forthcoming album.

Loversity will be released on 4 May via Tone Tree. It's up for pre-order right now.

May 17 — Abingdon, VA — Abingdon Market Pavilion
May 18 — Nashville, TN — 3rd & Lindsley (Album Release Show)
Jun 9 — New York, NY — Mercury Lounge
June 10 — Cambridge, MA — Atwood's Tavern
June 12 — Piedmont, WV — Pearl Street Warehouse
June 13 — Philadelphia, PA — World Cafe Live
June 22 — Birmingham, AL — The Saturn
June 23 — Atlanta, GA — The Earl

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