Sandra St. Victor Debuts "Oya's Daughter" at Joe's Pub (video)

Recently, Ebony published a feature that celebrated pioneering black women in rock. In the article's accompanying gallery, Sandra St. Victor held court with icons like Tina Turner, Nona Hendryx, Joan Armatrading, and Sister Rosetta Tharpe.

"Rock is music, sound, life and emotion—undefinable and limitless," wrote LaRonda Davis (National President of the Black Rock Coalition) in the article (16 May 2013). Those words could also describe what an audience can expect at a Sandra St. Victor concert, for the artist brings a multitude of vocal and artistic talents to the stage.

After packing Brooklyn Academy of Music's BAM Café to capacity earlier this year, Sandra St. Victor will return to New York on 24 September at Joe's Pub. The date coincides with the release of Oya's Daughter (2013), the artist's first full-length solo project since Gemini: Both Sides (2001). Any venue would be lucky to have St. Victor but she holds a special affection for Joe's Pub. "It feels right," she says. "Joe's Pub was basically my base of operations when I lived in New York full-time. People knew where they could come get a dose of fiery funk in a family feeling atmosphere." Accompanied by full band, St. Victor will perform material from Oya's Daughter and perhaps a few surprises that trace her earlier work as both a solo artist and co-founder of the Family Stand.

Currently based in the Netherlands, Sandra St. Victor is primed to deliver an evening that illustrates why she's lauded among the trailblazing funk-rock queens of her generation. "No disrespect intended toward the indubitable Joe of Joe's Pub," she says, "but for one night only this year, it's gonna be 'SSV's Pub'! And we're nipping at the bit!" To borrow a phrase from LaRonda Davis, get ready for "life and emotion" like you've never experienced.

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