Sara Diamond - "Unsure" (video) (premiere)

Montreal pop/soul singer Sara Diamond shares a new video "Unsure" about the uncertainties in trying to form romantic relationships.

Montreal pop R&B singer Sara Diamond is spending 2017 releasing singles about the ups and downs of love. Following the powerful single "Back to You" that focused on the pain of a break-up, Diamond unleashes her strong, affecting vocals on "Unsure", a track about the uncertainties that plague one while dating. Featuring understated and minimal electronics, the arrangement put Diamond's voice at the center where it belongs. Only 22 years old, Diamond has been singing since she was a kid and it's all she ever really wanted to do. That passion comes through in her music.

Diamond tells PopMatters that "Unsure" is "about moving too quickly and psyching yourself out before you've even gotten to know the person. The fear of breaking the 'five dates before you sleep with someone' rule... after one date. Where will it go? What's gonna happen now? Will this just end up being a booty call situation? The simplicity of the video helps create the right space to sit with the lyrics and hear them."

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