Sara Rachele – “I Will Always Love You” (video) (premiere)

Up-and-coming folk performer Sara Rachele brings us her own heartrending take on the Dolly Parton classic.

Amongst the throngs of “World’s Greatest Songs” lists, “I Will Always Love You” is a mainstay. The tune, originally written and recorded by Dolly Parton, first hit number one on the charts in 1974 and again in 1983. Later, Whitney Houston made it her own with a soaring cover that became utterly synonymous with ’90s pop. Between Linda Ronstadt, John Doe, Beyonc√©, and more, several other performances of the song from other artists have also made their mark on listening audiences.

Now, it’s time for New York City-based folkster Sara Rachele to put her own spin on the song. She does so in a live, candid performance while out on the road, and it’s in the raw heart that she brings to “I Will Always Love You” where she makes it entirely her own. Rachele draws lines out, lingering on each of them with the sort of passion that wasn’t a stranger to Dolly and Whitney’s rendition, but in a way that only she can make it shine.

The performance comes ahead of the release of Rachele’s debut album, April Fool, on 10 November. On it, listeners can expect to meet the same organic ardor that they can take from her live cover here.