Photo: Anna Haas / Courtesy of Baby Robot Media

Sarah Peacock’s “Lady MacGyver” Celebrates Female Ingenuity (premiere)

Inspired by a friend, Sarah Peacock's "Lady MacGyver" is an empowering Americana anthem that celebrates self-made women.

With seven albums and umpteen live collaborations under her belt, Sarah Peacock has become a force of the Nashville scene. She’s shared the stage with the likes of Melissa Etheridge, Brandi Carlile, Ann Wilson, and many more during her career. At the core of her sound is cunning songwriting and a commanding voice to deliver it. Pensive, raw, and fiercely communicated, her brand of Americana showcases a hardy core developed by rock, country, and blues sensibilities alike.

Peacock’s latest tune is “Lady MacGyver”, a song inspired by a friend of hers. Throughout, she rides the hefty sway of a rocking arrangement to communicate an empowering, can-do feminist message. She tells PopMatters, “‘Lady MacGyver’ is a feminist anthem with a tool belt. This Rosie the Riveter inspired tune has an upbeat personality with a real boldface way of elevating, promoting, and empowering women. The movement to get women back to the front lines on the airwaves and on festival lineups has been bubbling up for a while now. To me, it’s such an exciting time to be a woman in music and to have a song that can join the fight!”

Peacock continues, “‘Lady MacGyver’ is actually about a real person in my life. I set out to write the song as a joke for my good friend Kristi. A bunch of my friends and I call her ‘Lady MacGyver’ because she’s always fixing something out at her farm. She does it all single-handedly too! There’s not a tool she doesn’t own, and I’ve never once seen a man out there helping her do any of it. It’s so inspiring. We met three years ago when I booked her ‘urban farmhouse’ listing in west Nashville on Airbnb while I was house hunting. We became fast friends. Nowadays, she’s ‘Aunt Kristi’. Last Christmas, I made her a sign for the farm that says, ‘Lady MacGyver Headquarters’. She’s a true farm queen and a self-made woman. I’m lucky to have her in my life.”