British Electronic Artist Sasha Goes "Ouch!" on Her Latest Video (premiere)

Photo: Scott Colcombe

London-based electronic artist Sasha releases the wonderfully quirky video for her recent single "Ouch!"

Today, London-based electronic artist Sasha releases the wonderfully unorthodox video for her recent single "Ouch!" Both the song and video work as beautiful lessons in minimalism. Musically, on "Ouch!" Sasha lets the strength of her voice and the vocal hooks do all the heavy lifting. Opening with her light, airy vocals over sparse electronics, she gives the synths the time to gradually pick up momentum like the steady, growing glow of oncoming headlights. As the chorus arrives those lights blink out as she cuts them away leaving only her naked, unadorned vocals to lament the lasting pain of a break up.

However, rather than get swallowed up by self-pity, Sasha takes a more self-deprecating approach as she matter of factly shrugs before singing the chorus , "Ouch that hurt / More than it should / Ouch that hurt / More than I thought it would." In four simple lines, she captures that knowing realization that a relationship was always destined to fail but you were always too blinkered to do anything about it until it was too late.

Throughout the song, Sasha seems to be keeping it together with her wry sense of humor shining through. Only in the bridge does she get caught in a musical and emotional tailspin before quickly composing herself and laughing it off. Influenced by Wes Anderson, the vivid, primary colors of the video, the striking captions and the quirky camera work, frame the message of the song perfectly.

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