Satan's Satyrs - "Creepy Teens" (audio) (premiere)

The Virginia band channel their favorite band on this raucous new track.

It's no big secret that Satan's Satyrs love Blue Cheer. The Virginia trio are so enamoured with the legendary 1960s heavy rock progenitors that they played a special set at the 2013 Roadburn Festival consisting of nothing but Blue Cheer covers. Their excellent new album Don't Deliver Us will be released on 30 October, and the track "Creepy Teens" is the Blue Cheeriest of their many Blue Cheer homages. Built around a wicked lead riff, it rampages for an exciting six minutes, bassist Clayton Burgess sneering away in his distinctly petulant voice.

"This is our Blue Cheer meets Stray freak-out anthem which has us at our most revved up and aggressive," Burgess concurs. "We dedicate it to all teenage heavy rock delinquents."

Crank this sucker, and pre-order the new album here.

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