Photo: Eddie Kasparian

Satellite Citi Conquer Stop Motion Evil in “Slow Kill” (premiere)

The animated alternative rock duo Satellite Citi rebel against cosmic subjugation in this latest video from their debut EP, Negative Space.

Los Angeles alternative rock pair
Satellite Citi (vocalist/drummer Anna Gevorkian and guitarist/backing vocalist Shaunt Sulahian) are no strangers to introspective instrumentation. Formed in 2015 and taking their name from “the notion of a city where people communicate thoughts through their satellite minds”, the duo is deadest on helping listeners move past adverse vibes and “stand up when they’ve fallen”. Case in point: “Slow Kill”, the latest video from their recent self-released debut EP, Negative Space. As engaging visually as it is musically, the piece undoubtedly establishes Satellite Citi as an inventive new act.

Exploring several weighty topics—”from societal issues and corruption of politics, to battling internal demons and struggling to find solace”—Negative Space was produced by Brad Wood (Smashing Pumpkins, Placebo). As for “Slow Kill” itself, it combines the low-key rock charm of The White Stripes, the melodic urgency of A Perfect Circle, and the psychedelic shades of Amplifier and Pure Reason Revolution to yield something superficially unassuming and raw yet deeply entrancing and poetic. In particular, Gevorkian’s rebellious rhythms and bittersweet proclamations unite with Sulahian’s punky riffs and arpeggios to generate a gorgeously coarse call-to-action regarding “the power struggle between corrupt politicians & society, where governments intentionally suck the life of its people for their own benefit”.

Naturally, the accompanying stop motion video represents that idea well, as it depicts the twosome (in doll form) “using their music to overcome evil and [save] the world from a diabolical dictator . . . [the] evil Empress Morgana . . . [who] deprives the energy of our separate protagonists”. Fortunately, director Rosie Geozalian was able to capture what Satellite Citi wanted perfectly, “strik[ing] the right balance between thought-provoking themes & aesthetic creativity”. Indeed, it’s a captivating combination.

Be sure to check out the video below and share your thoughts. Also, you can purchase a physical copy of
Negative Space at Satellite Citi’s official store, or get a digital version at online retailers like Amazon and iTunes.