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Scarlet Sails Seeks “Hideaway” (premiere)

Featuring Dresden Dolls founder Brian Viglione, Scarlet Sails plays with wonder and imagination on new song, "Hideaway".

Scarlet Sails‘ story begins with Olya Viglione. The Russian-born singer left her native Russia at age 21 with her sights set on New York City. Not long after arriving she toured as a member of Jesse Malin’s band and shared the stage with a variety of bands. Then, as fate would have it, she met fellow musician Brian Viglione, drummer and founding member of the Dresden Dolls whose, credits also include turns with Violent Femmes and Nine Inch Nails.

With guitarist Mark Kohut and bassist Kevin Jones soon filling out the ranks, Scarlet Sails was officially born. The band takes its name from a 1923 novel by Russian author Alexander Grin, a story that involves a young woman who dreams of a prince sailing in under scarlet sails to take her off into better circumstances. The story was a childhood favorite of Viglione’s, who recalled a favorite idiom from her native country, “How you name your ship is how it shall sail.”

The band issued its debut album, Future From the Past in 2017 with tours across the US and a special Moscow appearance under its belt. “Hideaway” is the first in a series of singles produced by Ben Rice that will arrive throughout 2018. The short film reminds viewers that sometimes what we’re looking for has been in front of us all along.

Viglione says this of the composition: “When you find someone to hold on to and to feel safe, you find that constant that allows you a second chance at life. It goes along with learning how to trust again and how to be present in the moment instead of disassociating with oneself to not experience any real feelings. In other words, realigning with yourself through love.”


June 13 E& C Studios, New York, NY

June 15 Once Ballroom, Somerville, MA (with The Posies)

June 16 Harlow’s Pub, Peterborough, NH

June 23 Not Your Mother’s Music Festival, Gloucester City, NJ (Free or VIP entry)

July 20 Bowery Electric, New York, NY