Scenic Route to Alaska Get Candid About the Tour Life on "How It Feels" (premiere)

Photo: Corey Johnn

The rising "prairie-indie" band fuse elements of Americana and rock in their scorching earworm about love on the road.

Listening to Scenic Route to Alaska, it feels like their mission as a band is to deliver music that's catchy but doesn't lack substance. Wherein many would argue that the world of Top 40 pop music has often proved that you can deliver on the former but not the latter of these musical traits simultaneously, this is one rising indie outfit that just might be able to sell both. Their latest single is "How It Feels", and from its the opening moments, it's evident that the track values its ability to hook listeners in from the get-go. Yet, there's something more to it than just that radio-friendly device.

Scenic Route to Alaska says, "How It Feels is an impulsive indie rock song about the challenge of finding love — or even a relationship for that matter — while being caught up in the hustle and bustle of touring and life on the road. The song was written after getting home (the same night) from a European tour where the band played 13 shows in 14 days and four countries."

While Scenic Route to Alaska can certainly credit much of their international success garnered for their incredible work ethics, they're intent on showing that the perceptibly glamorous tour life isn't without its detractors. Forging meaningful relationships when you're traveling at such breakneck speeds between cities and countries to play shows may almost seem like a fool's errand. They're candid about that challenge here, and it's all without sacrificing that foot-stompingly good hook to draw in listeners.

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