Scone Cash Players Bring the Hot, Funky Organ on "Canned Champagne" (premiere)

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Miami's Scone Cash Players are a hot and scorching soul group that put the Hammond organ front and center in their sound. Hear their smoking new single "Canned Champagne".

Miami's Scone Cash Players play a super hot and smokin' form of soul music with one of the fiercest organs you've heard in years powering the sound. The man behind that whirling dervish of an organ is one Adam Scone, who is also the bandleader. Scone plays a scorching Hammond organ at full intensity and with great passion, as he has done for many years, appearing on some 50 albums and touring with Daptone Records artists like Sharon Jones and Sugarman 3.

Now, he's stepping out with his own group, Scone Cash Players, and putting that formidable instrument front and center where it really belongs. The first few notes of the band's new single "Canned Champagne" highlight this approach. It gets you moving instantly, feeling good, and spreads happy vibes. Play it in your cubicle, and you'll be dancing around with your co-workers wondering what possessed you.

Scone says they "threw a real Miami style backyard romp to film their newest video. That heat is no joke and the sweat is real. Grab some 'Canned Champagne'. Feel it as it pumps through your veins."

Scone Cash Players play real genuine gritty soul with hot horns interplaying with that organ. We eagerly await their new album As The Screw Turns, 21 June via Flamingo Time/Mango Hill Records.

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