Se Delan - "Going Home" (audio) (premiere)

The first song from (and on) Se Delan's sophomore effort, Drifter, is an industrial yet ethereal gem.

With its 2014 debut LP, The Fall, “dark, alternative, new-wave duo [sic]” Se Delan (English multi-instrumentalist Justin Greaves and Swedish singer Belinda Kordic) proved itself as one of the most distinctive and auspicious new acts on Kscope. Brimming with ghostly vocals, gritty atmospheres, and a gregarious balance of chaotic density and moody sparsity, the collection was a haunting opus that left fans eager for a studio follow-up. Fortunately, the twosome’s sophomore effort, Drifter, will be arriving on April 29th, and to assuage the wait a bit, they’ve just issued the first single from the record, “Going Home”.

Although Se Delan maintains many of the trademarks it established on The Fall on “Going Home”, the track is arguably more abrasive and multilayered than anything on its predecessor, which makes sense considering that the pair set out to make Drifter “raw, more natural and human”. As the opening piece in the upcoming sequence, it also establishes the musical and lyrical goal of “look[ing] at madness and how the line between sanity and insanity can at times appear frighteningly thin”.

Of the aforementioned theme, Kordic comments that it can sometimes “take a lot of effort and hard work to stay grounded and stay on the right side of that line...” Meanwhile, Greaves remarks that the writing processes invites them to “put [their] thoughts into words and feelings into music, whatever they may be”. If “Going Home” is any indication, the duo will offer fans another chilling and luscious exploration into the human condition on April 29th rolls around.

You can pre-order Drifter here.

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