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Sea Moya Approaches Music with Enthusiasm and Abandon on “New Past” (premiere)

Born in Germany, transplanted to Canada, this trio has roots in the past but is planted firmly in the future.

Sea Moya is currently preparing its debut album but offers a taste of that recording via the single “New Past”, which combines the group’s passion for vintage Krautrock with remarkably imaginative and thoroughly contemporary sounds. Combining analog instruments with tape saturation, effects pedals and all manners of experimental methods, Sea Moya sounds as much like a collection of serious musicians as it does a group of precocious children intent on amusing themselves with unusual sounds. The music eases its way through the speakers, unpretentious, unhurried and unwilling to yield to anything remotely status quo.

Comprised of Tilman Ruetz (drums), Elias Foerster (bass) and David Schnitzler (vocals) and an array of synthesizers that would probably make a young Klaus Schulze envious, the band formed in Germany in 2014 but has recently relocated to Canada and will perform a series of dates in the U.S. this spring, including an appearance at SXSW.


03/06 – Our Wicked Lady – New York City, USA

03/10-18 – SXSW Festival – Austin, TX, USA

03/19 – Valley Of The Vapors Festival – Hot Springs, AR, USA

05/07 – Canadian Music Week – Toronto, Ontario, CA

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