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The Sea the Sea’s Pursuit of Truth Takes on Dual Meaning (premiere)

Indie folk duo the Sea the Sea's latest single "Bang Bang Bang" is equal parts metaphor for truth and murder ballad, featuring comic book thrills in its music video.

“This song was built around the idea of personifying ‘truth’ in one big extended metaphor. It wasn’t until after we recorded the song that we realized that we had accidentally written what could be interpreted as a murder ballad,” says The Sea The Sea. Comprised of Chuck and Mira Costa, the rising indie folk duo has been gaining steam for their songwriting prowess as of late. It’s all culminating with the release of a new album (From the Light) on 1 June.

Before the release of their full album, however, the Costas have a new take on the perception of truth to share with “Bang Bang Bang”. It’s not unusual for folk or bluegrass bands to have their own bonafide murder ballad under their belts, but it’s in the unintentional way the duo has created theirs that makes it gripping. Further yet, the song is carried further by its reverb-heavy, dream-esque production and driving harmonies, all pressed together by an accompanying lyric video that features all sorts of comic book thrills.

The Sea The Sea tells PopMatters, “We decided to capture elements of both interpretations in the concept for this lyric video. Our own Cara May Gorman (vocals, synth) hand drew all of the retro-comic book-inspired images, and our own Steve Struss (drums) digitized and co-colorized them. Then we handed it all over to fellow Troy, New York pals and collaborators, Chromoscope Pictures, to work their magic and bring it to life.”


April 15 – Charleston, WV – Culture Center Theater

April 19 – Glens Falls City Park, NY – Live! Folklife Concert Series – Crandall Public Library

April 21 – Pittsfield, MA – Whitney Center for the Arts

April 21 – Woodbury, CT – Woodbury Earth Day

May 13 – Albany, NY – Albany Tulip Festival

May 17 – Warren, RI – Hope & Main

May 30 – Portland, ME – One Longfellow Square

June 1 – Albany, NY – The Hollow Bar + Kitchen

June 2 – Burlington, VT – Light Club Lamp Shop

June 3 – Nashua, NH – Riverwalk Café and Music Bar

June 8 – Northampton, MA – The Parlor Room

June 9 – Freehold, NJ – Concerts In The Studio

June 20 – Brooklyn, NY – Littlefield *

June 21 – New Haven, CT – Café Nine

June 22 – Cambridge, MA – Club Passim

June 23 – Concord, NH – South Stage at Market Days Fair

June 27 – Richmond, VA – The Downtown Music Hall at Capital Ale House *

June 28 – Asheville, NC – Ambrose West *

* with Josiah Johnson, Planes on Paper

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