Seaside Heights Looks Forward to "Better Days" (premiere)

Jedd Beaudoin
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Swedish pop collective Seaside Heights shares new song "Better Days", which might be the ultimate statement of optimism for 2018.

"Better Days" is the latest track from Gothenburg, Sweden's Seaside Heights. Taken from the upcoming EP, Made Up Minds And Bad News, due out 8 June, the song is filled with hazy synths, soulful vocals and a chorus that doesn't much explode as it eases its way into your psyche, convincing you that this might be the ultimate statement of optimism for 2018. Filled with hope and resolution, it's not unnecessarily sunny. Instead, it's tempered with an even-headedness that can only be taken as the utmost sincerity and the promise of a stronger, better future.

The band is headed up by vocalist Mattias Wikström and guitarist/keyboardist Jonnie Lidebo who initiated the Seaside Heights journey in 2014 with the EP Start of Something Beautiful. A single from that collection, "Turnover", became a sensation in the unit's homeland and set the pair on a course that included shows in London and Berlin. Channeling the autumnal moods of Gothenburg, Wikström and Lidebo eventually solidified the lineup (lead guitarist Vasse Bartziokas; bassist Oskar Hvass; drummer Robin Mashallah) that set about recording this latest effort in 2017.

As for the track "Better Days" itself, the band offered this: "It's about not drifting with an inner darkness while pretending everything is alright. It's about not letting bad thoughts weigh heavily upon your shoulders. There is always a way through this state of mind, as long as you're willing to walk to it."

Made Up Minds and Bad News and features three other songs, "The Invisible One", "High Above" and "Don't Waste Another Heartbeat."

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