Electro Indie Pop Duo SEAWAVES Preview Forthcoming New Album With New Single "Her" (premiere)

UK duo Si Van Brussel and Daniel Benjamin's work as SEAWAVES is typified by a desire to create music as a multi-sensory experience that explores both visual and audio elements. An approach that is fundamental to their work, as co-writer Benjamin explains. "Our music is very visual based. Usually, when we're writing, we're imagining. It's almost impossible to write without having a theme or image in your head."

SEAWAVES' debut album, The Motion Picture, combined sweeping soundscapes, delicate, woozy synths all infused with indie pop hooks. It's a sound perfectly suited to visuals and, as such, has seen their work used in numerous films, TV shows and commercials. "Her" is the second single taken from their forthcoming second LP The Soundtrack.

"Her" is a synth-driven, polished pop song with a cinematic twist. Opening with suitably panoramic, shimmering synths, simple piano chords and a slightly muffled beat, the song rides on vocalist Si Van Brussel's lilting vocals. The whole thing hovers just above ground before leaving earth completely as it launches into a spectacular, dazzling, neon chorus.

As you would expect from a band who have made a name for themselves in the world of TV and film, "Her" is masterfully produced with the band coating the song in a thick sonic sheen with layers of shiny synths, '80s punchy snare drums, and ambient grooves. It's a sound that the pair feel is wholly representative of who they are as artists, as Benjamin explains."Our music is very personal to us, which is why it's only us two creating it. Our songs are pretty much us in a form people can connect to."

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