Sebadoh, Apollo Sunshine, Amplive vs. MGMT…


Soul and Fire” (acoustic demo) [MP3] (from Bubble and Scrape Deluxe Edition (Domino/Sub Pop), releasing 8 July 2008 in the US)


Apollo Sunshine

666: The Coming of the New World Government [MP3] (from Shall Noise Upon, releasing 2 September 2008 in the US)


Amplive vs. MGMT

Of Moons, Birds & Monsters [Communication Edit ft. Mistah Fab] [MP3]


Modey Lemon

“A fuzzed-out, driving masterpiece with catchy hooks beaten to death by guitar/synth mayhem by Pittsburgh’s most-loved sons. Equal parts sci-fi darkness, garage angst-ridden wreckage, and kautrock brilliance.” — Birdman Records

Become a Monk [MP3]


Ice Fields [MP3]


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Tilly & the Wall

Pot Kettle Black [MP3]


The Gang

“Formed out of a love for playing music for people, Brooklyn-based The Gang is trying to lend form to a feeling through their own brand of rock. Recommended if you like Mission of Burma, Le Savy Fav, The Go! Team, and Fugazi.” — Absolutely Kosher

One Up the Sun [MP3]


Sea So [MP3]


The Melvins

Nude with Boots [MP3]