Secret Weapons Make Waves with "Something New" on 'Today Show'

Dominick Grillo
Photo credit: Sachyn Mital

Elvis Duran's 'Artist of the Month', Secret Weapons are making waves with "Something New".

Throw on your favorite leather jacket and your dancing shoes and get yourself lost in the first "official" release from Brooklyn-based electrorock outfit Secret Weapons. Danny R and Gerry Lange have already slayed the Bowery Ballroom, and now are ready to capture the hearts of dance-friendly rockers around the world. With its anthemic chorus and jaunty beat, expect to find yourself grooving out to "Something New" at house parties throughout the borough.

Secret Weapons' song has reached over one million plays on Spotify and the band was recently featured on the Today Show as Elvis Duran's 'Artist of the Month'. Check out the video below but remember we were into the band first.

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