Teen Duo Semblance Creates a Poppy Earworm with "Sex" (premiere)

Late teen duo delivers powerful, emotionally-driven tale that bridges the gap between the primitive and the refined.

East Coast duo Semblance returns with a new video/single, "Sex", filled with the youthful energy you'd expect from two still-teen musicians. The pair, Maeve Gorman and Connor LeFevre, joined forces after meeting online. They traded demos, found that their musical preferences were in tune and decided that, despite living over 100 miles apart, they could become a band. Since their initial encounter the pair have whipped up their debut EP, I Love You, which is due 16 February.

"Sex" marries the loose and fuzzy aggression of garage rock with the exacting rhythms of the computer age and a deeply emotive vocal performance. With the audacity of grunge, the presentation of contemporary pop and the wisdom that youth brings, "Sex" explores self-doubt, longing and so much more in just over three minutes, never giving us answers but giving us much to think (and feel) about.

"The song spans multiple relationships and encounters while focusing on some lingering 'damage' done by one specific relationship," Gorman offers. Damage or no, "Sex" stands as one of the best from Semblance.

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