Send Medicine – “Translucent” (video) (premiere)

Send Medicine releases trippy video showcasing tune's modern slice of '60s psych-folk.

Los Angeles-based Send Medicine brings a modern approach to ‘60s psych-folk. With newest single “Translucent”, the group takes this to the extreme. Tribal percussion, whispery vocals, twangy guitar, and subtle electronics gel to give the tune an unorthodox pop sensibility. The off-kilter rhythm and fluid instrumentation create a sense of bobbing on an undulating wave at dusk.

The song’s accompanying video, directed by Uncle Jules and Grandma Ryan, capitalizes on the throwback psychedelia. Negative images of synchronized dancers moving in slow-motion, showering flower pedals, and vivid colors layered atop one another give it sun-scorched, peyote-induced feel.

“Translucent was a song that I wrote and re-wrote both lyrically and melodically for months and months,” said frontman Julian Hacquebard. “At first I thought it was going to be a fuzz-driven riff that was going to be accompanied with more of a Sabbath-style drum beat, but after going into the studio with my friend, Sean Walsh, who mixed our EP and produces a lot of successful pop artists, the song slowly took on more of a dance groove with dashes of mild electronic elements, and a big warm chorus. It really was a product of two different writers putting their influences in a blender.”

Hacquebard added the song bridges the gap between their 2016 debut album Scary Aquarius Daughter and their forthcoming sophomore LP, due out in 2017.

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